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Notebook and Pen

About the Author!

Surely the least interesting part of writing is information about the writer!

Wil Chan (that's me in third person by the way...every serious author seems to like their bio being in third person as though it was written by a biographer, so here goes!) was born in Hong Kong, but moved to the UK whilst still a toddler. He doesn't remember it being of his own accord. There is currently this movement called #StopAsianHate, but whilst growing up in England, hashtags weren’t in fashion, and neither was the word ‘stop’. The important thing was that he also learnt English, which would prove useful in his future quest towards creative writing.

Anyway, he graduated in Engineering and mastered in Computer Science, neither subject having anything to do with English. He spent years as a telecoms engineer before returning to Hong Kong to run a small online business.

The thing is, he had always aspired to become a writer, maybe in the same way that some people dream of becoming an astronaut, or living on Mars. It was always a pipe-dream. Unattainable. Until one day, he decided it wasn't, or at least it shouldn’t be.

The route he took was long and meandering. Writing didn't come easily but he had always had a vision in the back of his mind that slowly gestated into Azure Skies and Elysia Dayne. It never got further than being in an embryonic state because the protagonist of the would-be story was never a fully imagined and rounded character. He could never capture the essence of the character properly until he chanced upon a secret muse. The writing became easier. He is hopeful…

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